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BabyMon is an easy-to-use Baby Monitor for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod). It can be used as a "Call-a-phone" monitor on an iPhone, or with a data connection between any two iOS devices. It is also possible to use a web browser as a remote monitor for BabyMon running on a device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I scroll the contents of this tab on an iPhone?
Use two fingers.
What does BabyMon do exactly?
It turns your iPhone/iPad/iPod into a simple Baby Monitor. Running BabyMon, you can leave your device in a quiet room, and you will be alerted when there is noise in the room.
How does BabyMon alert me when there is noise in the baby's room?
There are three ways (can be set in BabyMon Settings): if you run BabyMon in "Call-a-phone" mode, it will call a phone number of your choice; if you have two iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod), you can use one as a BabyMon "remote" and it will make noise and display alerts; or if you use the "Web remote" (available in a tab above), the web browser will play sounds and display alerts when BabyMon detects noise.
Hmmm, why would I want to use anything else but the "Call-a-phone" mode?
For many reasons. The other modes are more robust and provide more information. When there is minor sounds in the baby's room, this is indicated on the remote. Also, if there is a problem with the monitor in the baby's room, for example running out of batteries, or lost internet conection, the remote will alert you, such that you can go check on your baby. The "Call-a-phone" mode requires that you restart BabyMon after an alert (this is an iOS limitation), whereas the other modes do not.
Can I use the "Call-a-phone" mode with an iPad or iPod?
No, since it involves placing a phone call, it only works with the iPhone.
Is BabyMon really free?
No, but you can download it for free and evaluate it, to see how it works for you. If you like it, you can then decide how much you would like to pay for it using In App Purchse. You do this by purchasing "unlocks" starting from as little as approximately USD 1 in your local currency. All unlocks provide the same functionality, but have different prizes such that you can decide how you think BabyMon is worth. It is possible to buy more than one unlock. Buying unlocks is a way to support future BabyMon development.
Does BabyMon come with any guarantees?
None whatsoever. It is a hobby project and a best-effort service. You are adviced to evaluate it thourougly before you decide if/how you want to use it. At most, it should be an aid, and not replace real supervison.
If I have bought an unlock on one device (say my iPhone), do I need to buy it again for my iPad?
Not if you use the same Apple ID also on the other device. If you click "buy" on the same unlock again, after you have entered your iTunes password, you will see a message saying you have alredy bought it and can dowload it again for free.
How come I do not hear sound effects when using the Web remote on an iPhone or iPad?
This is due to a limitation Apple has enforced on mobile Safari: it cannot play sounds unless in direct connection to the user interacting with the UI. Hopefully this artificial constraint will be removed one day... For iPhone/iPad/iPod, it is recommeded that you get the full BabyMon App from the App Store instead.
Will there be an Android or Windows Phone version? Will there be desktop clients?
Maybe later...